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AGA says Internet Betting can be keeping Pace

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The betting industry’s Washington, D.C.-based lobby group has shifted route on its view of legalized Internet gambling and now believes the skill exists to allow the action to be keeping pace at the state or central level.

In a new policy statement, the American Gaming Association said it was open to the concept of legalized Internet gaming, as long as a regulatory structure was in place to protect consumers and the game’s integrity.

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Opera Reports Upswing From Windows Browsers Election

March 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Opera Software claims UK downloads of its Opera 10.50 web browser have augmented by 85 percent since Microsoft made its ‘browser choice screen’ accessible.
The “web browser option screen” was made available at the start of March, and is part of a proposal by the software developer to help resolve the EU’s antitrust investigation, which was sparked by a grievance filed by the Norwegian browser developer in December 2007.
The screen offers 12 dissimilar browsers — a mix of popular programs for example Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, along with lesser-known browsers for example Sleipnir, Green Browser, Maxthon, Avant and Flock.
It is accessible to Windows PCs that utilize Internet Explorer as the default browser via the Windows Update system, which is used to deal out security patches.
“This confirms that when users are given a genuine choice on how they decide the most significant piece of software on their computer, the browser, they will try out alternatives,” said Hkon Read more…

FCC: Broadband Public Safety Fee a Bargain

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

The FCC is moving quickly to put into practice a $16 billion nationwide wireless network for use by urgent situation responders that will be paid partially through a fee of less than $1 a month on all U.S. broadband users.

While no precise amount has been determined, an FCC orator today said via e-mail that the fee would be “nominal” and less than $1 a month on all FCC broadband road band users. The National Broadband Plan released yesterday includes no mention of the amount.
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ICANN Ends Meeting With No Decision on .xxx

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

ICANN wrap up its meeting in Nairobi on Friday, but late a vote on the formation of the .xxx domain, which was the most predictable board choice in the meeting.

Members of the ICANN group of people were looking forward to the choice because many say thatit t
Artwork: Chip Taylor
ests ICANN’s transparency and accountability mechanisms. However, the board chose to delay the vote until its June meeting in Brussels.

The board directed ICANN’s general counsel and CEO to develop a document within 14 days outlining the various options available and to give it to the community for comments within 45 days, before the meeting in June.

The dispute on .xxx arose after ICANN declined an application made by ICM registry to run the .xxx domain for adult content. The registry challenged the decision and filed a dispute with the Independent Review Panel in June 2008.

The review panel, which is an independent entity but recognized under ICANN bylaws, heard the dispute and ruled that ICANN was unfair and discriminatory to ICM in the application process.
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Opera Mini 5 Beta Announced For Android Phones

March 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Do you desire to attempt a different browser on your Android phone? The folks at Opera Software announced a beta version of the Opera Mini 5 browser that provides a PC-like browsing knowledge on smartphones and extra handheld devices that run on the Android platform.
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MySpace Revamps for Revival

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment

As Google takes on the social networking world with Buzz, and Facebook and Twitter bring out location-sharing ala Foursquare, does anybody remember the social networking site that in progress it all? MySpace has had a tough year — with worker cuts and CEO resignations — but the company’s new co-presidents are seeking to turn the site around by means of a new look, a new mantra (“Discover and be discovered”), and believers.

Co-Presidents Jason Hirschhorn and Mike Jones announced their plans to do up the former social media giant — plans that comprise a brand-new version of the site that will be implement over the next few months. According to Reuters, Hirschhorn wants the site to produce from 100 million users to 200 or 300 million users (Facebook boasts over 400 million lively users, according to its website). Hirschhorn did not give a predictable timeframe for said growth.
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