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How to Care For Your USB from Receiving Viruses

August 8, 2010 1 comment

If you desire to protect your USB from getting unwanted files i.e. virus, worm, spy, trojan etc than you are at the exact place.

What I’m gonna tell you is that how to setup your registry to end a computer from saving files to your USB (It’ll block all of them)

If you contain windows XP with SP2, then you can immobilize the writing option to USB drives. This trick is very helpful if you have virus in your computer and desire to copy files from a USB Drive but don’t desire to transfer virus to the USB. Follow the given steps to disable the USB writing option:

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Suggest Page To Your All Friends In 3 Sec…..Amazing

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Step 1

On the address bar type

Step 2

Wait for 3 seconds. Your all friends selected

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How to open the office 2007 files into Office 2003

July 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Today tip will assist you to resolve the compatibility issues between the Office 2003 and Office 2007. Because all programs in office 2003 used the older file extensions for its unlike programs. For example Word 2003 saves files with extension .doc, Excel 2003 saves files with .xls and PowerPoint saves files with .ppt. but on the other office 2007 worn the new file extensions for its different programs. For example Word 2007 saved files with extension .docx, Excel 2007 with .xlsx and PowerPoint  saves with .pptx. Now the difficulty is that when you will try to open office 2007 files into office 2003 and you will not able to open the file due to compatibility issues between both office versions. Microsoft provides a free compatibility pack to convert office 2007 papers to the office 2003 format. There are many third party free converter are obtainable but here we are using Microsoft office compatibility pack.

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