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Ofcom Launches Fresh Direct to Mobile Phone Deal

Watchdogs join armed forces to help customers better understand phone deal

Ofcom has teamed up with customer Focus and the infrastructure customer Panel to help mobile phone customers save cash on deals.

The trio has in print a guide aimed at helping customers pick their way from side to side the maze of deals on the marketplace.

The guide provides obliging tips on what information customers should be acquainted with from a supplier before buying, such as information on extra costs, the length of contract, details on upgrades and network reporting.

It also explains the differences between pay-as-you-go and contract and advises consumers to use the Ofcom accredited website BillMonitor to shop around for the best deals.

Other tips include checking out mobile coverage in the UK before buying and switching to cheaper online billing. There is also advice on using mobile phones abroad and how to keep your mobile number when changing provider.

Ed Richards, Ofcom’s chief decision-making said: ‘Ofcom wants to make sure that customers are receiving the best from their mobile deal. This direct is designed to help consumers make knowledgeable decisions and to get the most excellent from what’s on offer in the marketplace today.’

Consumer Focus Chief Executive, Mike O’Connor said data show that only one in five of consumers find it easy to find the way the market, adding: ‘ With additional than nine million mobile phone deals accessible, it’s hardly surprising.’

He said the guide would better arm customers to find the most excellent deal.’

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