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OnLive To Launch June 17

After months of beta testing and plenty of conjecture as to whether the OnLive service is actually prepared for primetime, the company announced the launch of its service now at GDC in San Francisco.
While we’ve been capable to watch the Onlive gaming service in controlled environments, the accurate test of cloud gaming is when it’s finally accessible to the public at big. The creators of Onlive will put their service to the test when it launches on the PC and Mac platforms on June 17. Onlive will price $14.95 per month, though the company is promising cheaper multi-month bundles (to be announced at E3), plus a major inducement for early adopters–the first 25,000 users to sign up for Onlive will obtain their first three months for at no cost.
Right now, however, it’s indistinct as to how much gaming the $14.95 fee will obtain you, as the announcement notes “the service fee does not comprise the purchase or rental of games.” It seems as though at least several games will take premium fees, as the announcement states “top-tier, newly-released games will be for sale and for lease on an a la carte basis.” We’re at present reaching out to OnLive representatives to learn extra about what your cash will obtain you and will hopefully have extra information for you soon.
For now, we wait for Onlive’s ultimate test, as it comes to home computers in June, with a TV adapter set to be announced shortly in the year, followed by Onlive “progressively increasing to other devices over time.” Hopefully, we’ll be capable to play Crysis on the iPhone sooner quite than later.

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