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Company Place Android On Laptop With China-backet Chips

A Chinese company is changing Google’s Android operating system to sprint on a laptop by homegrown Chinese microprocessors, which are backed by the government.
The go by Lemote Technology, based in China’s Jiangsu region, is the first sign of interest in Android amongst backers of China’s Loongson chips, which as well go by the name Godson.
Google said in January it intended to stop censoring results on its China-based search engine, a move that would defy Chinese regulations and that raised concerns about potential harm to Android’s reception in China. But Lemote’s work is the newest sign of continued attention in Android by Chinese tech companies — counting some linked to the Chinese government.
Lemote by now offers a demo version of Android that users can download for the YeeLoong8089 netbook, a mini-laptop with an 8.9 inch screen, and worker at the company said Wednesday. Lemote is now working on an optimized version of the OS that it hopes to let go for the same netbook soon, the employee said.
Lemote was founded in 2006 with support from investors including a branch of the state-controlled Chinese Academy of Sciences, which developed the Loongson chip row. The CPU line includes low-end chips as well as high-end chips planned to be used in a Chinese supercomputer. Similar to other government projects in areas for example mobile communications, the Loongson chips are part of a long-term bid to increase domestic innovation and reduce China’s dependence on foreign technology.
Lemote declined to comment on whether it would start selling its netbook with Android pre-loaded, and on some extra plans to use the OS. Google’s row with the government has had no result on Lemote’s work with Android as the OS is open-source software, the Lemote employee said.
Other computer makers including Hewlett-Packard and Taiwan’s Acer and have as well announced laptops running Android.
The Lemote netbook, which has an 800MHz Loongson processor, as well adds to the number of devices running Android on MIPS chip architecture. Loongson chips’ use of the MIPS instruction set puts them apart from the x86 processors complete by giants similar to Intel. It means the chips cannot run normal programs like Windows made for x86 processors. But MIPS Technologies previous year said it had ported Android to the MIPS architecture and began promoting its use, mainly on embedded devices for instance home media players.

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