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Mini to roll out “Mini linked” in the Countryman, takes benefit of the iPhones data link

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mini is getting ready to reveal the newest addition to their arrangement, it’s the Countryman and it will have a not obligatory feature called Mini Connected which is going to kind of/sort of create this an illegal iCar so to speak.

The Mini Connected characteristic will allow iPhone users to stop their phone in via a USB link and have the car use the data connection. This characteristic will approach with two apps, one called Web Radio and the additional called Mission Control.

It is clear that the Mini linked feature will be using the data link, however it is unclear whether these apps are leaving to be living on the iPhone or as part of the in-car scheme. Either way it sounds attractive sweet.

As far as the apps, Web Radio is just come again? You would think — a place to right of entry thousands of Internet radio station. Mission Control is a little additional involved, but according to the press release;

“Mission Control evaluate a vast range of vehicle, driving state of affairs and vehicle environment-related signals and provisions the driver with relevant in order and instructions in customary MINI style. Mission Control gives the driver an even stronger sense of interact directly with the vehicle, reinforcing the whole idea of the MINI as a car with character and character.”

Of course, cool sound or not this is going to be limited to those willing to buy a new car. Hey, Mini does make a pretty nice car and having it integrates so nicely with an iPhone sounds even improved.

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