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MSI To Launch Big Touch Screen 3D All-In-One Pc in June

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Micro-Star International (MSI) plans to reveal a new all-in-one PC with a 24-inch touchscreen at the Cebit electronics demonstrate next week, designed for 3D games or movies for example Avatar.
The device, which looks similar to a stand alone computer monitor and keyboard because the computer is build right into the display, will cost under €2000 (US$2,715) when it launches internationally in June, an MSI representative said. The company will offer dissimilar choices on hardware components to inferior the price of the PC.
The large 120Hz LED (light emitting diode) display offers full high definition (HD, 1080p) resolution and comes with shutter spectacles for the 3D effect, MSI said. It also includes 10W strong-bass Hi-Fi speakers and a influential computer onboard with several of the newest Intel Core i7 microprocessors.
Flat screen TVs with 3D capability were a large draw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas previous month, but analysts said the elevated cost of the TVs, around US$4,000 for several models, as well as the require to wear special glasses to watch them, may hold consumers back from trade this year.

MSI will launch some other all-in-one PCs at Cebit under the Wind Top brand, as well as a not many that meet condition to conform to the E.U.’s Ecodesign directive on EuP (Energy using Product), which is being implemented.
MSI’s AP1920 19-inch and AE1920 20-inch All-In-One PCs and the Hetis, DC520 and DE220 Mini-PCs all boast standard hourly electricity consumption more than 90 percent lesser than that of a traditional 300W PC, MSI said. The products as well use coating materials that are free of damaging substances and packaging material which is 80 percent ecological.
The company will show a range of other PCs at the show.
One device MSI is by now working on is a new tablet PC to struggle with Apple’s iPad. MSI representatives declined to give details but said the tablet may be exposed at the Cebit electronics show, which runs March 2 throughout 6 in Hanover, Germany.

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