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Spammers Aspire At Google Buzz

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, it surely didn’t take long.

Spammers began targeting Google Buzz just days following it was launched, according to security company Websense, Inc.

The security company issued an alert on Google Buzz late previous week noting that the first spam attack, which was concerning smoking, hit the fresh social networking hub last Thursday.

Websense noted that its analysts predictable spam messages to pop up on Google Buzz, just not so soon.
“When Twitter was launched, it took a while previous to it was used to send spam and other malicious messages,” Websense said in its alert. “In this case, it merely took two days. It’s obvious that the bad guys have learned from their knowledge using social networks to distribute these types of messages.”

Most recent week, Google added social networking tools to its Gmail e-mail service. Google Buzz is designed to help users additional simply and quickly find the most important information restricted in their flood of social posts, pictures and videos.

Last Friday, Google rolled out several tweaks to Buzz in an effort to address privacy concerns. Then over the weekend, Google said that over the after that several weeks it will offer up extra tweaks to contract with privacy issues.

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