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Google Buzz, Goodbye …

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s tough to avoid the entire buzz over Google Buzz these days. As introducing the new social networking tool previous week, Google has come under fire for all from privacy concerns to feelings of information overload.

The Google gang has gotten down on its knees to say sorry, contribution tweak after tweak to its Gmail-centric service. at rest, plenty of people aren’t too satisfied with their automatic staffing in a program that invaded their inboxes.
Now, there’s a simple way to bid Buzz adieu once and for all.

My Google Buzz Goodbye

Me, I’m in the camp of those who are practically ready to tell Buzz to buzz off. In the hours leading up to Buzz’s official first appearance, I had positively hoped the service would end up given that us with a way to manage our existing social media connections — centralizing something old, rather than creating impressive new. Instead, as I’d feared might happen, Google’s Buzz is actually just adding more noise into and by now buzzing area of my life.
Now, as any usual readers know, I’m fond of lots of of Google’s services (I’m even bordering on attractive an Android fanboy, according to an extremely scientific quiz I just took). I use Gmail to manage my numerous e-mail addresses and accounts. And that’s precisely why I’m ready to say bye-bye to buzz: Privacy considerations sideways, the last thing I need is yet one more social networking site to continue with when I should be working. And the last place I require it is in a Web site that serves as one of my key productivity tools.

Getting Rid of Google Buzz

If you, too, are prepared to swat Buzz away, here’s how: Surf in excess of to Gmail and sign into your account. Scroll down to the bottom of the central inbox screen and look for the link that says “Turn off Buzz” — it’s at the extremely bottom of the page, just above the copyright note.

Thanks to Google’s mainly recent set of changes, that link currently leads you to an prolonged menu of Buzz-specific settings (here’s exactly what it looks like). You’ll find options to control whether you’re Buzz “following lists” are displayed on your Google Profile page, to take away Buzz-related content from your Gmail page, and — if you’re ready to completely pull the plug — to disable Buzz in total.

The Buzz-busting option deletes anything and the lot Buzz-related from your Google account: your public profile, your connections, and several posts you may have shared. You’ll keep the option to re-enable it in the future — a small “Turn on Buzz” link will show at the bottom of your Gmail inbox screen — other than all other signs of Buzz will be banished, one strength say, to infinity and beyond.

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