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Microsoft readies Office 2010 upgrade program

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

An item briefly posted to a blog by a Microsoft worker offered details of a “technology guarantee” program giving purchaser of Office 2007 a free update to a similar version of Office 2010–if they buy between March 5 and September 30.
It is not uncommon for Microsoft to open a “technology guarantee” program ahead of a new version of Office or Windows, offering buyer of a product late in one cycle an upgrade to the new version once it come out. So it’s not a shocker that Microsoft has one planned for Office 2010.
That said, Microsoft wasn’t quite prepared to tell the world about the program. Nonetheless, an employee for a short time posted details of the planned upgrade present on a blog. It was rapidly pulled down, but the cat is out of the bag. (The post also lives on in a Google-cached version, as renowned by Ars Technica.)
According to the now-removed posting, the program will kick off March 5, meaning people who purchase Office 2007 between March 5 and September 30 can get a free upgrade to a comparable version of Office 2010. Users will be able to download Office 2010 as soon as it is made broadly available. Customers can also order a DVD, for a small fee.
Buyers get one copy of Office 2010 for each eligible copy of Office 2007 they buy, with a limit of 25 free upgrades per person.

Microsoft said any posting was done in error and the company has nothing to say about a tech guarantee program.
The company did confirm to previous this week that it has known some testers a near-final “release applicant” version of Office 2010, with the final version owing to go on sale in June.
Meanwhile, SD Times has a post up on its Web site noting that Microsoft is bearing in mind some new subscription pricing options for business users of Office. Microsoft declined remark on that report.

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