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Getting Traffic From Yahoo Answers

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yahoo has one of the oldest and for the most part active community sites on the internet. You can say that they “invented” social websites during Yahoo Answers. If you haven’t heard of it following that where the hell have you been?

Yahoo Answers is much respected in SEO land and the PR9 comes with a lot of of link juice even though the links are NOFOLLOW. Before I go several further I don’t want you to get hung up through structure links from Yahoo Answers. One or two a week is plenty. You now want to get yourself “in there”.

As a traffic basis, Yahoo answers can be extremely influential and several marketers use it as a primary source of traffic. There is a little piece of a trick to it for the cause that readers can report you if they intelligence you are abusing the system. Mostly of the time your competitors will report you which can reason your account to be ice-covered and all your links exposed.

So, you want to create certain you build your Yahoo links the right way. If you want to use it for generating traffic you have to be a real expert on the topic or else you will abuse your time. I just use it to get links. It’s actually fast and very easy. Here’s how to do it the right way:

1.    Create an account and answer 10 to 20 questions devoid of posting several links in the resources box. You will earn point for every answer you post. Some questions are currently plain stupid like “do you consider I am fat?” – You can answer 20 or 30 of those in 20 minutes. Be warned, several of the questions strength leave you doubtful the patience of the human race.

2.    Following you’ve accumulated a variety of points, browse the categories to your niche and look for questions that you can answer WELL. In mostly categories answers come in similar to all minute and when you hit revitalize you will see 5 or 6 new questions. Important: when you answer a question you can go absent a URL(s) in the resources box.
Everlastingly leave more than one. I naturally pick 2 from authority sites like Wikipedia and Answers.com or Webbed with then I sandwich a link to my site in the center. That method a mediator can’t blame you of now linking to your site.

3.    The link to your site MUST be pertinent to your answer. Don’t currently link to your homepage. Do unlimited links to pages that has fine answers to the question. This will make in no doubt that you never get kicked out.

4.    Over time you will build up fairly a little links in Yahoo Answers. The danger is forever that your competitors will report you and try to knock you off (sad, but true). Make sure that you have more than one account. If you go subsequent to the steps above you will be quite safe, but you never know. Having lots of accounts is just an excellent security net to protect your links.

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